Bike Tours

If you feel with energy, we provide some unique experiences because our country has some long bike trail routes, former railaway tracks that were converted to bike and walking trails.

Traveling in these trails is very relaxing and you're in contact with nature all the time where you can see amazing landscapes, previously enjoyed by former train travelers in the old times. You still can see the old railaway stations, some of them, with complete restauration. These trails are for easy access for everyone independent of their fisical condition. The hill climbing grade is very low and most of the trails are flat.

Most of these trails are located in the north of our country. Come with us now!

Ecovia do Tâmega TourWaypoint Bike Tours Tamega

Waypoint94 Bike Tour Tamega

This is one of the most beautifull eco trails in Portugal. Along the montain and lands of Celorico where you can see the famous Nossa Sra. da Graça Bike Pro's Hill Climb with the shape of a pyramid does not let anyone indiferent. Don's worry, you don't have to do it, just apreciate the view.

This trail is very well maintained with a 90% concrete pavement and most of the old train stations are restored, so you can inspire yourself traveling in the past.


  • Extension: 40km
  • Dificulty: Average
  • Start: Amarante
  • Finish: Arco de Baulhe
  • Duration: 8h 

Included Services

  • Transfer Porto - Amarante
  • Transfer Arco de Baulhe - Porto
  • Cofee-break
  • Visit to Raylaway Museum at Arco de Baulhe
  • Lunch at typical restautrant at Nariz do Mundo
  • Bike rent and transport
  • Technical Assistance
  • Option Private Bike Tour Guide (free of charge)


85€ p/ pax

(mínimum: 2 persons)


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