Off-Road Tours


This pack includes one trip of 2 or more days where you'll stay in comfortable roof-top tents protected from the weather conditions and in safety.


  • Wild Camping
  • All meals
  • Camping material for cleaning
  • hot water baths

Pack Off-Road CAMPING

This pack includes 2 or more trip days in camping acomodations like bungalows with all the comfort and private bathroom.


  • Night stay at camping facilities
  • All meals
  • Access to other services like pools and sports facilities

Pack Off-Road COMFORT

This pack is for the ones that enjoy all the comfort of a 4/5 star hotel with spa. Also includes trips of 2 or more days.


  • 4/5 star hotel bookings
  • All meals
  • Luxury services like spa


Other Services

Navigation Courses


  • Navigation
  • Orientation
  • Use of gps tracks
  • Use of GPS equipment

Material Rental


  • Tents
  • Fridges
  • Other camping equipment

Off-roading Driving Courses


  • Obstacle overcoming
  • Off-road rescue
  • Use of Off-road equipment 


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